case studies and testimonials


Everyday we help our clients exchange their funds efficiently and at highly competitive rates. Here are just a few examples of how our clients benefit from using our services.


Fiona Hall, Griffiths University, Surfers Paradise, Australia

Fiona Hall had been planning on enrolling in teachers college at Griffith University in Australia since her 2nd year at Queen's University.  Fiona needed to convert just over $30,000 Canadian Dollars into Australian Dollars to pay for tuition and living expenses. Fiona looked into her options and called NorthStar Currency who set-up her account and exchanged her funds within 2 hours. "NorthStar Currency is fantastic! I went online, checked their rate, set-up my account and booked the trade without any problems. They offered a far better exchange rate than my bank and there were no wire fees to send the money."


James Nicholson, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland

In June 2006 James Nicholson was accepted to St. Andrews University in Edinburgh, Scotland to begin work on a Masters of English Literature. He was surprised to find his tuition and living expenses came to over 18,000 British Pounds.


After completing his acceptance forms James decided to look into exchanging Canadian Dollars into Pounds. Having spoken to his bank which offered a rate of 1 Pound per $2.0871 Canadian he was referred to us by a friend. After speaking to one of our dealers he decided to buy his currency immediately at 2.0650.  The transfer went smoothly and a few days later his tuition was paid. James worked out that by using NorthStar Currency rather than his bank he saved over $400.

...and what a small sample of our clients say


"Many thanks. The service was outstanding"
Brian C, Ottawa


"Your service is fantastic. I will use you again for future transfers, your prices are better and the service far superior than my local bank."
Patrick Fordyce, Toronto


"As a new customer I wanted to tell you how great your rates are. TD offered to sell me Swiss at $0.994 which is quite a bit above our transaction level of $0.9702. This is a great service and I will send a cheque to you tomorrow morning. Thanks again!"
Stephen Moore, Toronto


"Many thanks for your help. I appreciate you do this all the time, but as a first time user it all went seamlessly."
Brett Bergmann, Richmond Hill


"Funds arrived as promised and I am extremely impressed with your rates and service. I would like to thank you and assure you that I will recommend you to anyone and of course use your services again. "
David Shulman, Paris, France