Foreign Exchange for Individuals

Whether moving, buying a boat/car, or a new holiday home, you can a save significant amount on you transaction by using NorthStar Currency versus a bank.

Each client at NorthStar is assigned a dedicated dealer who will provide information on market trends and clearly explain how you can manage your risk to achieve the best rates.

NorthStar Currency is incredibly easy to use - simply follow these steps:

  1. Register with NorthStar Currency
  2. Login to get a live rate
  3. Confirm your rate, deal and payee details with NorthStar Currency
  4. Transfer payment to NorthStar Currency
  5. NorthStar Currency transfers your funds to the beneficiary FREE OF CHARGE

** Please note: NorthStar Currency does not deal in cash or travellers cheques. NorthStar Currency does not accept payment by credit card or cash.

There are many reasons why people make purchases overseas but each and every one of them have something in common: you could (and should) be saving more by receiving the best possible foreign exchange rate. Below are just a few examples of areas where NorthStar Currency can help you save money.

Property Purchase
Purchasing a property overseas can be daunting enough without having to worry about the cost changing due to fluctuating exchange rates and abysmal exchange rates offered at your bank.

NorthStar Currency can alleviate these concerns by offering you excellent exchange rates and by formulating a strategy to give you the best possible deal.

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Boat Purchase
You have found your dream boat overseas, now you have to pay in a foreign currency to purchase it. Exchange rate fluctuations and high rates can significantly increase the purchase price. To ensure it remains the best priced option, shop around for the best exchange rate!

NorthStar Currency can offer you excellent exchange rates, no fees and a strategy to ensure that you get the best deal for your boat.

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Car Purchase
If you're purchasing a car overseas then you're after the best possible deal for your money. There's no point going to all that trouble to find a good buy, then see the savings disappear in inflated exchange rates.

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